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KOOALA Travel Pillow has been designed to fit most seats in any form of transportation regardless of the user’s height. Just relax and find the posture you feel is appropriate without straining your neck. Exceptionally, if your KOOALA travel pillow could not be attached to the seat, it may be used as a cosy sleep mask to neutralise undesired noises.

Kooala Travel pillow is especially helpful on plane, train and bus journeys. As for car seats, due to the limited size of headrests, you may need to wrap around the straps twice to effectively avoid head pitching and slight whiplashing. In the case of driver fatigue caused by long trips, it may be used in rest areas without having to leave the vehicle.



Its use in the workplace environment will reduce neck and back injuries resulting from extended computer use by helping to improve your posture at work, even allowing you to take a quick power nap at the office. It’s also recommended for people either unable to sleep lying down or who may need to immobilize their heads in upright position, as well as those with respiratory conditions such as apnea, disabilities and/or severe neck injuries. Patients companions will also find it very convenient at hospitals -where uncomfortable seating is often the norm- to get some quality rest.

Kooala Travel Pillow will not be held responsible for damage caused by misuse, i.e., use on children and/or in the event of an accident that may occur during the trip. This product is not recommended for children under 14 years of age. (Our buckles have been designed and tested to snap in case of crash. However, it is impossible to test and/or anticipate every potential circumstance.)


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