Kooala Travel Pillow is a Spanish company, based in the Canary Islands, where this product has been designed and developed with a team of local seamstresses, and only selected Spanish quality fabrics have been used in its manufacturing. We strive to be consistent with our approach in creating a useful, quality, responsible product, which can provide therapeutic benefits while still being aesthetically appealing.

This company was founded by two physiotherapists and two creatives, and is the result of the meeting of two different worlds. It was materialized after two years of research and hard work, which included prototyping, designing, testing and modifying what has come to be a cervical support system intended for travelling, an activity we are all passionate about. And KOOALA was born.



We take real pride in our product. It’s an innovative way to travel and also has many therapeutic applications for patients with apnea, prolonged cervical lesions, people who simply want to get some rest at the office … it has thousands of applications, it’s not just a travel pillow!”


Daniel de Río Fresen. Physiotherapist.