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      KOOALA Travel Pillow  has been designed to provide head and neck support for quality safe rest. It fits virtually any travel seat, and can also be used in the workplace environment and at home.  

      KOOALA TRAVEL PILLOW was conceived to provide genuine rest for travellers while on the move. This innovative system has been developed, tried and tested by our team of physiotherapists and designers through extensive research to make it suitable for all types of seating (airplanes, cars, trains, buses, etc).


      KOOALA TRAVEL PILLOW keeps your head in a neutral position so your neck muscles are always relaxed, thus minimizing the risk of bad posture related problems. It has been successfully tried and tested at home and in the workplace environment for power napping (You know how we like Siestas in Spain).


      On the therapeutic side, KOOALA TRAVEL PILLOW can also help alleviate sleep apnea and reduce neck pain caused by computer use.

      KOOALA TRAVEL PILLOW has been inspired by Koala bears being able to sleep almost anywhere, and two years of hard work have gone into prototyping and developing the ultimate pillow for travellers.


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our product still being develope, we have limited units, but you can buy in them in our shop and help us to test it!